Friday, January 13, 2012

First post - no recipe, it's almost 2:00 am in the morning anyways...

The princess is asleep and... uh... snoring, despite being a princess (do princesses normally snore?). Why do I start a new blog? Because I'm supposed to compile all my recipes yet I'm lazy. Well, unmotivated. I do have a cook book in process, yet there's a restriction to characters. So I figure, perhaps if I write one recipe per day, I will be able to compile this in the end? Not sure how this'll work...

No, I'm not going to die soon, however my memory is getting weaker day by day. I need to be able to consult something when I cook. I suppose it's to be expected considering I do grow older unlike Benjamin Button.

Cooking for me is almost sacred. Funnily enough, I wasn't born this way. Or, one would argue I was, just that I've not been displaying the phenotype until later on in life. I disliked cooking at first and argued with my mother teeth and nails about having to be able to cook. I still argue with my mom teeth, nails, and horns (over the years I grow bigger horns), but we rarely argue about cooking anymore. Most of the recipes in this blog will require quite an extensive preparation. I will try to provide some shortcut where it's available. 

As I said before, cooking is almost sacred to me since through cooking I partake in a person's life. A person who provides food holds the key to manipulating a person's life. Through cooking, someone can convey their intentions. Hence why I believe that to cook properly, one must "care" about the person one cooks for. This is simple for me nowadays considering the princess is always with me. I always remember that there's a chance that the princess will eat my cooking. So I have to do my best. 

Every recipe is a recollection of my memories from childhood, adulthood, and many other -hoods (except Robin Hood, I'm not British, you see...). These recipes create a "story". Not that I want people to "understand" me. No, I'm actually free of teen angst, but perhaps... take a journey with me. This is, after all, my life. Laugh with me, reminisce with me, and, maybe, when you have the chance, share a meal with me and pray that we'll remain friends.

Have fun! (There are fishies to play with!)

How to use the recipes:
Just one thing... Please pay attention to the notes. The recipes themselves are simple, and I can guarantee you that there are many, many other similar recipes that you can use. The difference between mine and others is simply because I've cooked it, so I know what can/not be substituted, things that I've tried and not/worked, and things that are crucial to the recipe.

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